10 Best Coworking Management Software Solutions
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If you are reading this blog, chances are you are a coworking player looking for the best coworking management software. Blogs about software aren’t fun to read, are they? The market of coworking spaces is rapidly growing as more and more companies are interested in using shared spaces, and why wouldn’t they, coworking offers many benefits over traditional office spaces, especially in the new age hybrid work environment, which is here to stay.

An article published by Moneycontrol states that many Fortune 500 companies are betting on expanding through more than 20,000 coworking brands available all over the world in 2022. The article also states that the already growing customers for this industry are more than a million and have doubled in 2022.

One can only assume that these numbers are going to keep rising with every new hybrid office out there. But with great demand comes great competition. The question here is, how are you going to make your coworking space stand out? There are many unique services you can provide to stand out but managing these services and your members are going to be a tough job.

The answer is quite simple. You need systematic and labor-saving software to manage your space. Manual management could only take you so far. Humans can indeed accomplish a lot but we are also prone to mistakes. Codes, however, are not. Software management is both effective and fast as it processes data in a matter of minutes when it takes a day manually. Time management has never seemed this easy, has it? Using software specifically created to help you with the management of your coworking space will not only increase your efficiency but also the customer satisfaction rate.

What is a Coworking Software?

Coworking software is a specialized software designed to seamlessly manage day-to-day operations and also improve member retention. A coworking or hybrid office space needs to have a birds-eye view on occupancy, automate contracts & billing, have in-house support and ticketing system for a great member experience, and last but not least an application for a meeting room bookings management.

Key features to look into  a coworking software

Before you go on to investigate which one is the best coworking software or coworking apps provider, it is essential to know what to look for in coworking software.  To make your life easy, coworking software should consist of the following

  1. Billing Automation
  2. Automated Contracts
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Sales CRM
  5. Occupancy and Financial Reporting
  6. Meeting Room Booking Management
  7. Visitor Management
  8. Mobile Apps for members
  9. Support and Ticketing
  10. Community Building features
  11. Communication between management and coworking members via mobile apps
  12. Integration with other software and tools you are already using

These are just the essential features to look for, and there could be more than you need in dedicated coworking software, so we looked at all the best offerings from across the world and made a list of the best coworking software. So without further ado, here are the

Top 10 coworking space management software

1. Engage Apps – the Game Changer 

Engage is a seamless software that aims to convert every coworking space into a technology-enabled coworking space. Our goal is to transform your space into a well-managed company on par with the billion-dollar coworking companies out there. Built on a Saas model, we are easily accessible to all the coworking spaces out there, regardless of the size. Be it a recently set up coworking space with a single floor or a major company with multiple branches, our software is both affordable and efficient for all your management needs. To top it off, our application is 100% white-labeled and aids you in building yourself as a brand. 

With the global pandemic we are facing, the features offered by Engage app have also accommodated the current needs of the population. To ensure that all the members are safe, our software provides completely contactless management solutions. Everything you and your members need can be taken care of with a click of a button! Let’s say your member’s printer has stopped working. All they have to do is go to the ticketing section in our app and click on the “Trouble printing” option to notify your maintenance team about the issue. As soon as the message is processed, your staff can get right on it and fix the issue. Once the printer is fixed, your member will get a notification regarding the same. From beginning to end, there would be no contact thus ensuring a safe and peaceful workspace. For more clarity regarding this contactless system, let’s take a different example – visitor management. Visitor entry and approval can both be made contactless with our software. When a visitor is expected in your coworking space, they can scan a QR code and mention the member who is expecting them. Our software is designed to send a notification to said member requiring approval from their side to let the visitor in. This system further establishes safety in your space. 

One of the unique features of Engage is that it is the only company globally that enables coworking spaces to set their own taxation rules according to the city they reside in. Engage also has a built-in E-signature feature that enables you to sign your contracts from anywhere – even while traveling! This feature provides you with three options on how to sign your contracts – typing your signature, drawing it using your mouse/drag pad, or uploading an image of your signature. This feature proves to be extremely useful for companies that follow a hybrid workplace system. Even billing and invoices can be automated with our software. Once the bills are generated, your members will immediately receive an automated email regarding the pending payment. This system assists you in keeping track of the paid and unpaid bills, your space revenue and also lets you review your occupancy reports. In a nutshell, our software provides you with the right tools for all aspects of your coworking space management. 

Some of Engage’s salient features include:

  • Meeting room booking system
  • Member management
  • Touchless Visitor management
  • Automated Contract management
  • 100% white-labeled applications at no extra cost!
  • Internal Ticketing & Support managed by your own mobile app
  • Events management
  • Automated billing and invoice generation
  • Advanced analytics for inventory management
  • Announcements, Social stream, chat, etc features for community building
  • Offers and discounts specifically curated for your members
  • e-signature module to sign contracts and bills seamlessly
  • Customer portal to pay bills and order bespoke services
  • Dedicated tablet app for meeting room availability
  • and many more segment-first features

Engage has worked with 500+ happy and satisfied customers across the US, Europe, India, and Asia including Inspire Co-Spaces, Smart Space Solutions, WorkEZ, &Work, and The Grid.

2. Optix – The Resource Connector 

Optix is a streamlined software that connects your coworking space to your available resources and workplace community. This software provides coworking spaces the data and insights of their company to help them make maximum use of it to manage their space. Some of Optix’s quality features include:

  • Meeting room booking
  • Desk booking
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Sign-up plugin

Optix has a wide customer base, some of which include Terkko Health Hub, The Collective by BDCU, Thrive Coworking and Cornerstone Coworking. 

3. Officernd – The Simplifier

Officernd is a flexible space management and workspace engagement platform that helps members simplify their day-to-day tasks to ensure that less time is spent on mundane tasks. This tool aims to provide more convenience while accessing your data and managing your community. Some of the prime features of this software include: 

  • Meeting room booking and management
  • Multiple location management
  • Management of maintenance issues
  • Invoicing and billing
  • CRM
  • Administration

Officernd has many clients all over the world including Dreamplex, Firmspace, Shared Space and The Great Room.

4. andcards – The Straightforward

andcards is a user-friendly, straightforward platform that is completely customer-oriented. This software aims to provide the best services to its customers and is focused on achieving customer satisfaction. Some of andcard’s many functional features are:

  • Meeting room booking
  • Desk booking
  • Member support
  • Automated billing
  • Analytics
  • Community Stream 

andcards has been of service to many coworking spaces including My Workspace, WorkQ, Creative States and Arize Campus. 

5. Digicuro – The Power-up 

Digicuro is an efficient software that manages flexible workspaces and provides free customisation to help you customise your brand. This software helps coworking spaces automate their day-to-day tasks and ensures that none of their resources are lost due to poor management. Some features of this notable tool include:

  • Visitor management with virtual tours
  • Conference room allocation
  • Automated invoicing and payment collection
  • Branded iOS and Android applications
  • Analytics solution
  • Web dashboard 

Some of Digicuro’s trusted clients are Worknest, Workden, Yesss Works and The Board Room Coworking. 

6. Archie – The Seamless

Archie is a strong software that prides itself on being a hospitable tool for its customers. The goal of this software is to increase the efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction of its clients. This platform has been designed to handle your everyday tasks and create a smooth work system to manage your coworking space. They provide multiple features including: 

  • Meeting room booking
  • Member management
  • Analytics and reports
  • Billing and payment
  • Lead management

Archie has clients in Montréal Cowork, Esplanade, Notman and Google for Startups. 

7. Coworking Ops – The Pliable

Coworking Ops is a cloud based software that aims to efficiently manage coworking spaces and increase occupancy rate. This software has been viewed as both user-friendly and highly flexible as it allows customisation according to the company’s preference. The provide various features such as:

  • Automated invoice and payment collection
  • Meeting room management 
  • CRM
  • Visitor management 
  • White labelled apps for Android and iOS
  • Business analytics

This software has many satisfied clients such as SpaceJam Coworking Offices, Space Coworking, FISU, and FICCI. 

8. Nexudus – The Time Conserver

Nexudus is a smart software that helps customers manage their time and resources by managing operations and communities in their coworking space. This software offers free registrations for five active members which will increase in proportion to the number of new members gained. This policy is ideal for recently created coworking spaces. Nexudus offers various features includes:

  • Meeting room booking 
  • Community engagement
  • In-house trained support
  • Visitor management
  • Proposals and document template provision
  • Floor plans and office desk viewing

Nexudus has worked with a large number of workspace operators globally including Neue House, Le Tank, Utopicus and Nomad Works. 

9. Yardi Kube – The Virtual Planner

Yardi Kube is a competitive software with a target to transform coworking spaces into thriving communities. It provides a complete view of sales activities to get customers on top of any leads and opportunities. It provides smooth access to analytics, tasks and account information, making the tool very user-friendly for administrators. Yardi Kube has many functional features. Some of which include: 

  • Meeting room booking
  • Automated billing
  • Visitor management
  • Analytics
  • Data and voice infrastructure

Yardi Kube has been used by spaces of all sizes including Bond Collective, Premier Workspaces, Office Evolution and pacific Workplaces. 

10. Satellite Deskworks – The Star

Satellite Deskworks is a cloud-based coworking space management software that helps in building sustainable communities. Having run coworking spaces themselves, the team behind this software has built a tool to provide you their support with consulting packages. Apart from being user-friendly and affordable, this software also acts as a major time-saver by helping companies manage their day-to-day tasks without worrying about time constraints. Some features of this notable tool include: 

  • User-friendly member portal
  • Easy inventory setup
  • Interactive online reservation calendar
  • Reports with real-time information
  • Automated billing
  • Highly customisable and easy integration

Satellite Deskworks has provided its services to multiple brands including Cape Space, Grindstone Coworking, Union Cowork and Indie Grove. 

That marks the end of the list! Software management is a great and essential addition to any coworking space. To succeed in this economy, having a technological advantage is absolutely necessary. This management softwares might just be the advantage you are looking for. We hope this list is useful to you. To know more and experience all the services we provide, sign up for a free demo

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10 Best Coworking Management Software Solutions