Target Audience For Your Coworking Space
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As coworking spaces, before forming a marketing strategy, it is imperative that you understand your target audience. Choosing the right audience is the first step to promoting your business. There’s a lot that could go wrong if you aim at the wrong target. A solo entrepreneur might not be satisfied with the same solutions you provide for corporate clients. The features you have to offer, thus have to be promoted by targeting specific types of customers instead of forming a blanket strategy to try to please all types as one. By providing what they desire, you attract loyal customers. After all, customer satisfaction is the key to stay in business. These loyal customers would in turn help you gain more clients by spreading the word of your amenities. 

Apart from the types of audience with specific demands regarding the space they would be renting, you also need to consider the type of  industry they belong to (software and IT services, financial, legal, marketing, etc) and use specific advertisement techniques. Fret not, because we have compartmentalised all the details you would need when it comes to advertising to your target customers. 

You can find the different types of potential target customers for your coworking space along with their needs and expectations in this article to help you prepare the right marketing strategy. 


Freelancers and solopreneurs

Freelancers are the most common clients for coworking spaces. These are the clients who work remotely by themselves as they have short-term contracts with businesses anywhere in the world. Unlike the typical office workers, freelancers do not need to work at a desk from 9 to 5. They have very flexible working hours and may even pull all-nighters instead of working during the day if they have a vast difference in times zones. They need your workspace to be available at any time of the day to make it easier for them to work whenever inspiration hits. 

Clients like these usually prefer booking particular desks or cubicles while only some may book meeting rooms for client meetings and collaborations. Since freelancers may need to contact their clients often, it would be efficient to have phone booths present near their workspace. 

Startup teams 

Since startups are never completely sure about the success of their business ideas, they tend to go for cost-effective options when it comes to property. This leads to many startups opting to utilise coworking spaces instead of building an office. Startups generally need a few semi-private desks or cubicles and one or two meeting rooms – just the minimum. Flexible spaces are the right fit for them since they require different kinds of rooms at different times based on their needs. 

While providing your space to startups, you must always keep in mind that they might rise in rank and grow bigger, needing more space and amenities. You need to be able to provide your services to them even after they grow to ensure steady and loyal clients. 

Small teams

As the name suggests, small teams have few employees (around 2-10). These teams require conference rooms for their meetings, private rooms to help them work exclusively, and various office tools like printers and scanners. They also prefer to have cafes or small restaurants inside the coworking space to be able to recharge themselves every once in a while. Small teams are the second most common clients for coworking spaces since they prefer flexible and cost-efficient spaces. 

Remote workers

With the emergence of covid, many people have opted to work remotely. While some may have private workstations in their own houses, most people still prefer working in coworking spaces for the professional setting as well as the services they have to offer. To streamline their thoughts and work in a distraction-free environment to yield the best results, flexible working spaces prove to be their best option. These remote workers might be of any standing – from interns to even CEOs. Hence they have varying needs. They require a single desk available at all times and meeting/conference rooms many times a day. They also require phone booths to contact clients and services whenever it is required. 

Event organisers

Since coworking spaces are both cost-effective and contemporary in their ideas, event organisers tend to prefer utilising these spaces instead of booking more expensive private conference halls. This type of client just needs your event space or conference hall if the number of attendees is large. It is always a good idea to have an event space in your flexible workspace since it is not just these event organisers who would be using them. If any of the businesses in your space decide to conduct an event for all their clients, it is necessary for you to have an event space present to accommodate the needs of your clients. With the event’s success, word of mouth starts spreading and you might get even more customers! 

Corporate clients

Corporates are the largest clients for coworking spaces and the number has been growing significantly since 2020. Corporate clients are a source of high revenue for coworking spaces as they take up a huge number of desks, meeting rooms and many other facilities. They prefer working in flexible spaces for various reasons like the availability of premium workspaces,  prime office location, lack of office maintenance issues, cost-effective office expansion, and much more. 

Now, these clients are the hardest to attract since they have very particular standards. To attract them, your coworking space needs to have a great online presence so get started on it with your digital marketing team. Major corporations prefer private spaces with unique and efficient features. To provide them with more than just your offline services, you need to up your game with contemporary office rooms and cutting-edge technology such as online meeting room booking, visitor management, internal support, contract management, and much more. Lucky for you, we have a one-for-all solution for this problem. Engage provides the above-mentioned facilities and more with our efficient white-label applications to advance your workspace to the next level. 

As important as it is to provide unique features, it is also important to know your clients. Only by understanding their demand can you fulfil them to the best of your abilities. We hope this article could help you in building your marketing strategy. Visit our website for a free demo and find out more about how you can make your coworking space the better option.

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Target Audience For Your Coworking Space