Best Coworking Spaces in London

Coworking spaces have become a pivotal part of the modern work environment, offering unparalleled flexibility and fostering a sense of community among professionals. These dynamic spaces cater to the evolving needs of freelancers, startups, and remote workers, providing an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

  1. Flexibility and Community: One of the primary advantages of coworking spaces is their flexibility. They allow individuals and businesses to choose from various membership options, from hot desks to private offices, without long-term commitments. This flexibility is complemented by a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, fostering networking opportunities and collaborative projects.
  2. Growth of Remote and Freelance Work: The rise of remote work and the gig economy has significantly boosted the demand for coworking spaces. As more companies adopt remote work policies and more professionals seek freelance opportunities, the need for flexible, well-equipped workspaces has surged. Coworking spaces provide a solution that combines the benefits of an office environment with the freedom of remote work.

Overview of London's Coworking Scene

London, a global business hub, offers a diverse array of coworking spaces that cater to a wide range of industries and professional needs.

  1. Diverse Options Available: From chic, boutique spaces in Soho to expansive, tech-focused hubs in Shoreditch, London's coworking landscape is incredibly diverse. Whether you're an artist seeking a creative studio or a tech entrepreneur in need of a high-speed internet connection and networking events, there's a coworking space in London to match your needs.
  2. Appeal to Various Industries: The appeal of London's coworking spaces extends across various industries. Creative professionals flock to spaces like Second Home, known for its vibrant, design-centric environment. Meanwhile, tech startups gravitate towards spaces like WeWork and Huckletree, which offer robust technological infrastructure and a network of potential collaborators and investors. Additionally, spaces like Impact Hub cater to social entrepreneurs and non-profits, providing a community focused on social impact and sustainability.

Best Coworking Spaces in London:


LABS provides a modern, vibrant coworking environment designed to foster creativity and productivity. Located in the heart of London's business districts, LABS offers a blend of innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

Location: LABS has several prime locations in London, including Holborn, Camden, and Liverpool Street. Each location is strategically placed to offer easy access to transport links and business hubs.

Unique Features and Amenities: LABS spaces are equipped with high-speed internet, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and wellness programs. The stylish interiors and communal areas promote a collaborative work atmosphere. Members also benefit from networking events and workshops.

Pricing Structure: LABS offers a variety of membership options, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. Prices start from around £300 per month for hot desks, with custom packages available for larger teams.

2. The Ministry
The Ministry

The Ministry is a premium coworking space that caters to professionals in the creative industries. It offers an exclusive and luxurious environment tailored for innovation and collaboration.

Overview and Locations: Located in Southwark, The Ministry is a stone's throw from London Bridge and Borough Market. This central location makes it easily accessible and ideal for networking.

Unique Features and Amenities: The Ministry features a private members' club, a gym, a bar, and a recording studio. The emphasis on luxury and exclusivity sets it apart from other coworking spaces. Members can also enjoy bespoke wellness programs and curated events.

Pricing Structure: The Ministry offers flexible membership plans, starting at £450 per month. This includes access to all amenities and the members' club, with additional services available on request.

3. Fora

Fora is known for its high-end, design-led coworking spaces that provide a luxurious and productive environment for businesses of all sizes.

Overview and Locations: Fora has multiple locations across London, including Fitzrovia, Shoreditch, and Soho. Each site is carefully chosen to offer a central, accessible location.

Unique Features and Amenities: Fora spaces are renowned for their stunning interiors, wellness programs, and advanced tech infrastructure. Members have access to wellness facilities, concierge services, and a variety of workspaces, including private offices and open-plan areas.

Pricing Structure: Memberships at Fora start from around £375 per month for hot desks, with private offices and custom solutions available at higher rates.

4. Second Home
Second Home

Second Home provides creative coworking spaces that combine innovative design with a strong emphasis on community and sustainability.

Overview and Locations: Second Home has several locations in London, including Holland Park, Spitalfields, and London Fields. Each site is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.

Unique Features and Amenities: Second Home offers unique features like biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements to enhance wellbeing. Amenities include high-speed internet, event spaces, and a variety of workspaces. The community-focused approach is supported by regular events and wellness programs.

Pricing Structure: Membership options at Second Home start at £200 per month for hot desks, with dedicated desks and private studios available at higher rates.

5. Work.Life

Work.Life is a coworking space designed to create a perfect balance between work and personal life, offering flexible and affordable workspace solutions.

Overview and Locations: Work.Life has locations in key areas of London, including Camden, Bermondsey, and Fitzrovia. Each location is selected for its accessibility and vibrant surroundings.

Unique Features and Amenities: Work.Life provides amenities like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and breakout spaces. Members enjoy wellness programs, free yoga classes, and regular social events. The friendly, community-focused atmosphere is a standout feature.

Pricing Structure: Work.Life memberships start at £250 per month for hot desks, with flexible options for dedicated desks and private offices.

6. Halkin

Halkin offers premium coworking spaces designed to cater to the needs of professionals seeking an elegant and functional work environment.

Overview and Locations: Halkin has multiple locations in London, including Mayfair, Monument, and Southwark. Each location is chosen for its prestige and convenience.

Unique Features and Amenities: Halkin spaces feature stylish interiors, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and a range of amenities, including high-speed internet and concierge services. Members can also access wellness programs and exclusive networking events.

Pricing Structure: Memberships at Halkin start at £350 per month for hot desks, with options for private offices and larger teams available.

7. Mindspace

Mindspace offers beautifully designed coworking spaces that promote productivity and community, catering to a diverse range of professionals.

Overview and Locations: Mindspace operates locations in Aldgate and Shoreditch, both central and trendy areas that attract a vibrant professional community.

Unique Features and Amenities: Mindspace spaces are known for their unique design, high quality furnishings, and comprehensive amenities. Features include high-speed internet, conference rooms, and communal lounges. The community-oriented approach is enhanced through regular events, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Pricing Structure: Mindspace offers flexible membership options starting at £350 per month for hot desks. Private offices and custom packages are also available to accommodate larger teams and specific needs.

8. Huckletree

Huckletree is a dynamic coworking space that focuses on fostering innovation and collaboration among tech entrepreneurs, startups, and creative professionals.

Overview and Locations: Huckletree has locations in key tech and creative hubs across London, including Shoreditch, White City, and Westminster. Each location is strategically chosen to support its community's specific needs.

Unique Features and Amenities: Huckletree provides high-speed internet, event spaces, and meeting rooms, along with a range of wellness programs and mentorship opportunities. Their spaces are designed to inspire creativity and facilitate growth, offering members access to a network of investors and industry experts.

Pricing Structure: Membership options at Huckletree start at £275 per month for hot desks, with dedicated desks and private offices available at competitive rates.

9. The Office Group (TOG)
The Office Group (TOG)

The Office Group (TOG) offers stylish, flexible workspaces designed to meet the needs of modern professionals. Known for its distinctive design and high-quality services, TOG caters to a wide range of businesses.

Overview and Locations: TOG boasts numerous locations across London, including King's Cross, Paddington, and Liverpool Street. Each location is well-connected and positioned in thriving business districts.

Unique Features and Amenities: TOG provides a variety of workspaces, from hot desks to private offices, complemented by high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and breakout areas. Their spaces often feature unique architectural designs and wellness facilities, including gyms and yoga studios. Networking events and workshops are regularly held to foster community interaction.

Pricing Structure: Memberships at TOG start at around £300 per month for hot desks. More extensive packages for dedicated desks and private offices are available, tailored to suit different business needs.

10. The XCHG

The XCHG offers cutting-edge coworking spaces that blend functionality with modern design, ideal for professionals seeking a productive and inspiring work environment.

Overview and Locations: The XCHG is located in the heart of London's financial district, making it a convenient choice for professionals in finance, tech, and related industries.

Unique Features and Amenities: XCHG features high-speed internet, advanced meeting rooms, and comfortable communal areas. Members benefit from various services, including concierge assistance, wellness programs, and regular networking events aimed at fostering business growth and collaboration.

Pricing Structure: XCHG offers flexible pricing plans starting at £250 per month for hot desks. Private office options and tailored packages are also available for larger teams and specific requirements.


The coworking scene in London is thriving, offering a diverse range of spaces tailored to the unique needs of professionals across various industries. From the innovative and flexible environments provided by LABS and Huckletree to the luxurious, design-focused spaces of Fora and The Ministry, there's something for everyone. Work.Life and Mindspace offer community-driven atmospheres perfect for networking, while Second Home and The XCHG stand out with their creative and modern designs. The Office Group (TOG) and Halkin provide high-end amenities and prime locations, catering to those who seek both convenience and elegance in their workspace.

Choosing the right coworking space is crucial for productivity, networking, and overall work satisfaction. The right environment can foster creativity, provide essential resources, and connect professionals with like-minded individuals. It's important to consider factors such as location, amenities, community, and pricing when selecting a coworking space to ensure it aligns with your professional needs and lifestyle.

Overall, the coworking culture in London is a testament to the city's dynamic and innovative spirit. These spaces not only provide flexible work environments but also create vibrant communities where ideas can flourish and collaborations can thrive. As remote work and freelance opportunities continue to grow, London's coworking spaces will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of work.

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